Dehydrated Vegetables
Freeze-Dried Vegetables
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Dehydrated Vegetables, Mushroom & Herbs

"with no loss of aroma"

After drying, our products preserve natural color, fresh flavor.
Best Vegetable offer a wide range of air-dried vegetables, mushroom & herbs.

AD Products
· Beans, Green
· Bell Peppers, Green
· Bell Peppers, Red
· Bell Peppers, Mixed
· Broccoli
· Cabbage
· Carrots
· Cauliflower
· Celery, Canners Cut
· Celery, Cross Cut
· Celery Stalk & Leaf
· Chives
· Leek, Green & White
· Lemon Peel Granules
· Mushrooms
· Onion, Green
· Onion, White
· Orange Peel Granules
· Peas
· Spring Onion
· Spinach
· Sweet Corn
· Sweet Potato
· Tomato

Below are pictures for our AD products.

Please click on the products for more details about available sizes.
Customized sizes are available on request.
AD Green Beans, 1” AD Green Bell Peppers, 3/8” AD Red Bell Peppers, 3/8” AD Mixed Bell Peppers, 3/8”
AD Broccoli Florets &
Stems, 1/2”
AD Cabbage, 3/8” AD Carrots, 10x10x3mm AD Celery Cross Cut
AD Celery, Canners Cut AD Celery Stalk & Leaf, 3/8” AD Chive rings AD Lemon Peel granules
AD Leek Green & White, 3/8” AD Mushrooms, slices AD Green Onion, 5mm cut AD Orange Peel granules
AD Peas, whole AD Spring Onion, 3-5mm cut AD Spinach Flakes, 3/8” AD Spinach Powder, 60 mesh
AD Sweet Corn, whole AD Sweet Potato, 3/8” AD Tomato Flakes, 3/8”